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Can I get in trouble on Xbox for this?


Ok well I have one more free month profile I can make on my Xbox. I want to use it to mess around with some of my friends on there. I won’t be sending anything threatening or stupid stuff like that, I’m just going to send them dumb messages like “Delete (insert gamertag here)” or just random words. Could my primary account be banned for anything like this if I use a secondary account to mess with some friends?

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  1. Only if it isn’t illegal or stealing/mods

    Microsoft HATES modders or some hobbyists that don’t use mods for bad.

    As long as you don’t do anything out of the ordinary, you’re fine.

  2. I hear some people can hack others’ accounts, or mess with their network from their house, and make it so that you wont be able to use xbox live. They’ve never proved it so idk if it’s actually a thing but in case it is, maybe if one of your friends knows how to and you piss him off enough he might mess your xbox up. MAYBE. I never really believed it but I also never looked into it to make sure.

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