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Can I use USB on PS3 to transfer videos?


I know that dvd’s work, its not the video format it says “no titles found” is there any other way, an everyday way I hate making dvds every time I wanna watch something on my big TV

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  1. yes there are many ways

    you either stream videos to your ps3 via media center (LAN Network required from your pc)

    check this [url is not allowed].

    or you simply plug a usb drive (any usb drive or dongle), but in case of usb the ps3 only recognizes fat32 system which is limited to 4gb, any file above 4gb wan’t be recognized!.

  2. You just waste DVD’s for something that is so simple just put the movies on the usb flash drive put it in the ps3 then press triangle to view the files you should be able to watch your movies now an save your dvds for when you really need them. Good Luck

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