Home Xbox Forum how can i fix my xbox360 it got 3 ring of death?

how can i fix my xbox360 it got 3 ring of death?


please help me

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  1. Check the video gaming section of your local craigslist.com.

    Most modders will fix it for around 30 bucks. Which is cheaper than what Microsoft charges for a repair, and much easier than doing it yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.

  2. First of all, I hope you’re aware there is an extended warranty program for both the Red Ring of Death and the e74 issue that affects optical drives?

    So your first check is to see if it’s covered under warranty for a free repair / replacement. Honestly, it’s very fast – often less than 10 days to ship it out and have it replaced.

    Second, if it’s no longer under warranty – I recommend you pay MS to repair the issue – I think it’s around $75 USD. Otherwise, if you pay to repair or try to self-repair than you might be banned from playing online due to hardware tampering – or worse – render the XBOX completely dead beyond repair.

    Final option is self repair or local repair by a licensed electrician – this should be a quick and relatively inexpensive repair – do not agree to anyone who doesn’t fix it in-house.

    If you’re insistent on self repair and I really REALL recommend you do not – then you can try these self-help tips: [url is not allowed]

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