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Is it too late to get a PS3?


Im thinking of getting one if they lower the price, or should i get a psvita, or a 3ds?

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  1. PS3 prices aren’t going to drop any time soon, but they’re only $50 more than the PS Vita or 3DS, and the Playstation 4 is still a few years away (and of course it’s being made). I’d definitely get the PS3 over the other two.

  2. The price won’t come down for a while. And it’s never too late to get a PS3, considering the PS4, if made, won’t come out for another few years. As for the PS Vita, that’s a hand-held system. Though it’s really up to you what you want to do.

  3. 3DS is totally out of the conversation, imo. From what I’ve heard, seen, and overall experienced, it’s not very enjoyable, and most people turn off the 3D anyways, and basically it’s another DS, with less games on it.

    Now on to your question. There’s always time to buy a PS3 buddy. The awesome games aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, the PS4 won’t be coming out until maybe 2014 at the earliest, and the PS Vita is a whole different story, being a handheld device. Well, they’re both great systems (Vita’s gonna be)

    the PS3’s $300 and the Vita’s gonna be $250 for Wifi-Only and 300 for 3G. It all depends if you want a system u can play on-the-go or one that’s just at home but on a bigger screen and some other additional features the Vita won’t have. I’d go for the PS3 but that’s just me.

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