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Is The PS3 Backwards Compatible?


I was reading about the new PS3 slim, and read that it’s not backwards compatible (so that it could play PS2 games), so I assumed that the original PS3 is backwards compatible. Then I looked up the 80GB PS3 ([url is not allowed]), and read that it’s not backwards compatible.

So I want to know, what’s the truth? Is the 80GB PS3 backwards compatible or not? Is any PS3 backwards compatible?

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  1. The 80GB that came bundled with either Motor Storm or MGS4 is backwards compatible. The 20, either 60GB model WILL play PS2 games, ALL others WON’T.

  2. The first ones are backwards compatible, and I have an 80 gig that is as well. They are harder to come by, and are more expensive.

    But they do exist. Confirm before you buy.

  3. The original 20GB and 60GB PS3s had the PS2’s chip in it so they were fully backward compatible (which is why the 60GB PS3 is still in high demand). The original 80GB PS3 (released in 2007) had software compatibility for the PS2 games. The 2008 and 2009 PS3 have no backwards compatibility.

  4. The 2006 launch models namely the 20GB and 60GB were Backwards Compatible! In 2007 Sony released an 80GB model that came bundled with “Motorstorm” and later “Metal Gear Solid 4” and this model was also Backwards Compatible.

    Soon after Sony stopped producing the the 20GB, 60GB and the above mentioned 80GB thus doing away with Backwards Compatibility!

    Since that time, no other PS3 model has been Backwards Compatible!

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