Home Playstation Forum need to know if possible to change neck name on PS3!?

need to know if possible to change neck name on PS3!?


hey guys! does anyone know how to change the neck name on PS3 for online playing, i’ve heard that its not possible to change!! and i want to make sure, coz i want to change my neck name, please help, thanks guys

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  1. no you cannot change your name once you create an account, however you can make a new username for your ps3 and if you have multiple email accounts you can do it that way making a new online name

  2. You need to go all the way to the left on the Cross Media Bar, then under users, create a new user. Then go to the PSN logo, and sign up for PSN again. That’s the only way to get a new name. You will need to add all your friends again and whatnot.

    If you do this, you can copy your game data (your saves, downloaded maps and stuff) from your original user to your new one. Just highlight the Game Data folder under Game and hit triangle, then copy. Then Go to the new user, and under Game Data, you paste.

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