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XBox 360 Controller issues?


I have a new Xbox 360, I bought 3 other contollers as well, however I can only get the original controller to be seen by the system. Any suggestions?
ya I changed batteries and all that stuff
Update 2:
Let me try that Codeman. BRB
Update 3:
It WORKED!! Thank you so much now I can play Halo and kill my kids (not really) thank you so much!!

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  1. 1) do only 1 controller at a time

    2) make sure the controller you want to connect is turned on, press the wi-fi button on the front of the controller its a little button on the front between the bumpers.

    3) once you’ve done that press the same wi-fi button on the xbox console which is on the front right below the shiny cd drive.

    you will need to repeat that process for each controller and after that it will automatically find them each time after.
    -glad it worked-

  2. Did you follow the same steps setting up the other controllers, i.e., pressing down the button on the front of the controller? I can’t imagine you’d have three controllers with issues so just double check the directions and see.

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