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Does the XBox for $199 come with any space? Is this model any different from the others?



  1. Define space? I don’t really understand with what your asking, but I can tell you this:

    Xbox 360 Arcade ($200)

    – 215 MB of Memory (TERRIBLE!!)

    – Wireless Controller

    – Xbox 360 console

    – Xbox Arcdade Game

    For the extra $100 I would get the Pro system which comes with:

    – 60 GB of Memory (AWESOME!)

    – Wireless Controller

    – Xbox 360 Console

    – Wired Headset

    – Ethernet Cable

    – 2 Games (If its in bundle like right now, the Holiday 2008 Bundle)

    I would not get the $200 if you plan on playing online. Online, you cannot download any demos, you can’t download any new maps or levels for your games, can only keep so many pictures, videos, and messages on your system, etc. Its terrible

    If you go on futureshop.com or futureshop.ca you can still buy the old 20GB model for $250, so its only an extra $50. BUT. This model has like a 10x more chance of getting RRoD (Red Ring of Death)! The RRoD pretty much indicates your system is broken, most of the time from the motherboard melting because the cooler for the xbox 360 is very very small. The new 60GB model which only came out a month or two ago was dramatically improved and has a x3 bigger cooling unit in it, and its quieter. I would suggest getting the $300 one if your going to be playing online or updating your games with newer maps or downloading videos and pictures. $250 Model if your on a budget, but remember, there’s like a 45% increase in chance you’re going to get the RRoD (WHICH NO ONE WANTS!). If your just going to play with yourself or with buddies offline, then get the $200 Arcade. And if you really want to max out, get the $400 Xbox 360 Elite (Designed for HDTV, 120GB Memory, etc).

  2. Well, you can get Memory cards. I would spend the extra money on the one with the hard drive. I had that one, it sucked. I bought the 120GB hard drive, now I have tons of room. you should atleast have a 20GB hard drive though, I would buy it on it, it cost about the same.

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