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Elgato Game Capture HD vs avermedia live gamer portable?


I’ve heard they’re both good cards but even then i’m not sure which one is better and what makes it better? So if some one can help me decide that would be nice.

Other notable information is that i’ll be using it for ps3 and have a windows 8 computer.

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  1. Elgato is good, AVermedia LGP is much better. LGP’s top recording bit rate at 60Mbps is twice of Elgato’s and captures sharper details. LGP’s latency is much shorter than Elgato’s. LGP also has that super extra convenient Direct to SD cards PC-Free capability that allows you to record games at friends’ or at LAN parties without needing a PC. Time to upgrade to LGP with the latest technology. There are plenty YouTube review videos and Amazon reviews on LGP already. Check them out, too.

  2. I and several people I know have the Elgato and its a great product. Clean interface and with features that are very helpful – the live commentary, live streaming and ghost recording. It will work on Windows 8 and with any console you want to use it with. I use it on a Mac where it also works great. I can definitely recommend it. As for the Avermedia – never used it so can only go by the specs. It looks like a nice product but a 60mbps recording is ridiculous, that will fill up your hard drive in no time. The SD card slot also seems more a gimmick than anything else, I can’t think of a single moment when I would have wanted to use that.

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