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Gamertag on two Xboxs?


I will be away from home this summer and bought a second Xbox to still play new games. However, this Xbox will not be on Xbox Live so I can’t wirelessly recover my gamertag. If I put my gamertag on a USB drive and use it on my second Xbox , will a) my brother at home still be able to access our gamertag? and b) will the achievements I get playing on the second Xbox register with the gamertag once I put the USB drive in my Xbox at home (with Live) when I come home?

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  1. a) No. You can’t just copy a gamertag and use it on another console. You are transferring your gamertag to the USB drive and, therefore will not be available on the original console.

    b) Yes. Any achievements you get while on the other console will show up on your console at home when you transfer the gamertag back.

    It might be easier to recover your gamertag on the new console, using your network connection at home, before you leave and also get any updates or DLC that you want before you leave.

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