Home Playstation Forum how long does it take for the ps3 slim to overheat?

how long does it take for the ps3 slim to overheat?


mine gets warm real quick from the back part. is that normal?

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  1. Your ps3 won’t overheat unless something else is actually heating it up, or you have some kind of insulation around it. Ps3’s, like most electronic devices, are designed to work even if you keep it on 24/7. The ps3 in particular, is designed to constantly work even in environmental temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit (about 50 degrees Celsius). As long as you don’ have your ps3 sitting flat on carpet, or trapped inside a box, or wrapped in a towel, it should never overheat. If it does for some reason, it will give you a warning message and tell you to power it down.

  2. It depends on the surrounding area of where the PS triple is. If it is close to the ground or carpet, you got above 3-5 hours. Now if your PS triple is in a open area, in a cool place, and it is kept free from dust and dirt about 5-6 hours. DON’T LET YOUR PS TRIPLE SIT ON THE FLOOR OR CARPET!! That will kill it fast!!

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