Home Xbox Forum I need help connecting to Xbox 360 Live wirelessly?

I need help connecting to Xbox 360 Live wirelessly?


ok so heres my problem, i need help connecting to xbox 360 live, but the thing is im using a wireless connection on my desktop and the router is downstairs, my 360 is located across the room about 20 feet, can i use a telephone cord as a ethernet cable if not what? or do you have any other plans, please do not say buy a xbox 360 wirless adapter i hear it cost $100, which isnt price friendly to me, any thoughts on what i could do without spending any money.

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  1. You have two options

    1) use an ethernet cable that is long enough, a telephone cable will not work.

    2).wireless adapter

  2. I’m sorry but i don’t believe that a telephone cord would work as an ethernet cable because it most likely cant transmit enough data for Xbox Live. My Xbox came with a cable, so I’m not sure how much they cost, but that is probably your cheapest bet. If not the wireless adapter is a mere 60$.

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