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PS3 game shows error. What should i do?


I have a ps3 super slim 12gb which i bought frm US. I have nfs hot pursuit (also from us) which works perfectly. I bought wwe 2k 14 from india itself and when i start the game it shows error 80028F10. I have tried every thing by changing my video output settings but still it shpws the same error. I have a Toshiba tv that supports hd and hdmi. My tata sky is connected to d tv by a hdmi cable but when i use the same cable to connect the ps3 to my tv the ps3 doesnt detect the cable. My tata sky is working on 720p so i know my tv supports it. Any solutions? Plz reply

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  1. It’s a region code conflict. You can’t play games that you purchased from India on a console that you purchased in the United States and vice versa. That’s the same for any region in the world.

    Also, the same goes for Blu-ray and DVD titles, as well.


    As for your HDMI cable issue, try a different cable. Some HDMI cables just don’t work well with some equipment.

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