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? PS3 or computer mmo’s?


I’ve been really big on mmos on computer when I was younger. Played a lot of games from iji, nexon games like Dragon Nest, vindictus, etc. I’m thinking about switching over to console games like skyrim, batman arkham city, etc. Now keep in mind that I only have a mid-low laptop i use to play a few mmos and not planning on upgrading.To anyone who has experienced both sides of gaming, which side do you think I’ll enjoy more. And yes, I have internet and and HD TV. So that won’t be a problem regardless on which side I choose to stay.


  1. i think you should go with the PS3 because of one reason. you do not want to upgrade your laptop which in the end will stop you from gaming on the computer and ps3 games have alot of people that play them and skyrim is by far a very great game.

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