Home Xbox Forum What looks better xbox 360 or xbox 360 elite?

What looks better xbox 360 or xbox 360 elite?


i like the x box 360 elite better

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  1. The elite is classy because it is black with black controllers.

    Also the Elite is fairly future proof with it’s HDMI port

    and 120gb hard drive.

    Ask yourself a question as I did – “Is the Elite worth it”?

    For me the answer was yes – HD DVD will become obsolete one technology you should not invest in- The Elite will allow you to download both Blue Ray and HD DVD due to the size of the hard drive as these will become available to download and will be cheaper too.

    Sensible option to me.


  2. The xbox 360 arcade and premium look better but elite has 120GB hard drive. You can buy white 120GB hard drive for the others but you end up saving money by getting the elite. The best looking is the Halo 3 edition but not worth the money because the only difference is colour and the headset is wireless not wired.

  3. The Elite is cool and all, but is ALSO big show-off to all gamers out there. I say the Pro is not ONLY a fair, next-gen game console, but is ALSO the better choice for people who want an Xbox 360, but DON’T want to spend too much money on more memory in the HDD. Not just that, but also for the HDMI cable included, and the different color. So.Go Pro!

  4. I think the Elite looks better. I own a Pro personally, because I got the console, Assassin’s Creed, Halo 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 for £20 less than the Elite on its own, so it was a far better deal. There’s no black HD-DVD drive either, so if you’re planning on buying one of those, you might be better off sticking with the Arcade or Pro so everything matches.

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