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what PS3 games should I get?


I’m getting a PS3 tomorrow and I’m buying 3 games. Resistance: Fall of Man is one for sure and Dragons origins or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. and can’t decide on the other one. I was thinking uncharted or god of war collection or infamous. so if you could tell me which is a better RPG and then tell me another good game that be a big help

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  1. Go for God of War III

    This is a PS3 defining game. Excellent graphics, well thought out adventure. The whole game is excellent, even if you are not a fan of the hack and slash genre. This game features one of the BEST boss battles in any video game I’ve ever played.

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  2. wait for fall out new vegas i love fall out also heavy rain is a great game if you dont want to pay to much u can get fallout3 i think its 9 bucks at game stop also i highly recomend modern warfare 2 the online is super addicting and u wnt regret buying it

  3. OBLIVION I have put 100’s of hours into this game it is amazing. I gave it to my friend and he did the same thing. Dragon age is meant for PC I have both games.I love the god of war series but if you are looking for a challenging game infamous is also good. I highly recommend MW2 and MGS guns of the Patriot and GTA4 RES5 is also an amazing game.

  4. Dead space, bioshock, orange box, and metal gear solid 4 are all amazing games for less than $20.

    Metal gear online is way more fun than mw2. Definitly get mgs4

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