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Xbox 360 Red Ring of death help?


Okay so my Xbox 360 16 gb has the red ring of death and I got it repaired in this certain place where they fix for 1500 PESOS (I live in the Philippines) So there they repair it and works for 3 weeks and then those 3 BLINKING RED LIGHTS APPEAR AGAIN! Please I want a do-it-myself permanent repair.I can’t buy Mw3 because I might just be wasting my money because it might not work again. A fix link from youtube or you’re own tips to fix it that can fix it will earn 10 Points Thank you for all your help:)

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  1. Hey man, before I give you my personal webpage recommendation, i just want to make sure that you havent and never will do the towel trick no matter what anyone tells you! Trust me there is a much easier way to fix your red ring of death. Copy and paste the link into your address bar and check it out, youll be surprised how easy it is!

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